Samsung HW-Q800B review: an excellent Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundbar

With no less than 11 speakers, the HW-Q800B is a soundbar in 5.1.2 channel configuration. It has four listening modes: Adaptive, Surround, Gaming and Standard. The latter is by far the one offering the most convincing rendering, since it does not apply any post-processing.

In Standard mode, therefore, the HW-Q800B offers a very balanced and particularly transparent sound reproduction that suits both films/series and musical content. The bar thus transcribes each tone with absolutely dizzying precision: just look at the curve of the measurement of the harmonic distortion rate to get a first big clue. Voices are always clear and intelligible, even during very dynamic and element-laden scenes.

It is now a habit at Samsung, but we are still captivated by the considerable power that the sound bars of the South Korean manufacturer are capable of deploying. The HW-Q800B is no exception by having a mind-blowing dynamics and delirious power which can however prove to be treacherous, because, if the sound reproduction is pleasant and soft at moderate volume, it becomes a little more aggressive. as the volume increases, especially on music content.

Regarding the subwoofer, it is always a model of reactivity and offers the bar an excellent base and a depth that is perfectly suited to explosions or other rumbles. Like the bar, it also has phenomenal power, capable of shaking walls.

In terms of spatialization, the HW-Q800B offers a particularly wide sound stage allowing surround effects to go well beyond the physical limits of the bar. The side effects are reproduced with excellent precision, but nevertheless lack a little depth: do not expect to hear sounds coming from behind, for example. Elevation effects meanwhile offer a definite gain in immersion, but they’re a little diffuse and don’t really seem to come from the ceiling. Surround and Gaming modes extend the soundstage even further, and thus the surround effects, but at the cost of a messier front stage.

The SpaceFit Sound automatic calibration function evolves with this new generation of bars. Previously, it was necessary to connect the bar to a Samsung television to benefit from a personalized calibration in its listening room. From now on, the HW-Q800B has a built-in microphone allowing it to calibrate itself. However, we did not notice any improvement, or even any change in the sound reproduction.

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