Rapper Koba LaD taken into custody following a violent fight outside a nightclub

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Rapper Koba LaD was arrested and taken into custody on Saturday morning November 26 after a violent fight.

According to information fromNews 17, 22-year-old rapper Koba LaD was arrested by police on Saturday morning after a violent brawl. He was taken into custody.

Around 6 a.m., the police observed a fight between several individuals in front of “The Key” nightclub, located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. They. The head of the establishment then indicated that the injured were in serious condition.

A general fight would have broken out in the discotheque, individuals having carried blows armed with glass bottles, report our colleagues. Several of them were eventually handed over to the police, including Koba LaD. The rapper is currently being heard by investigators.

One person, who presented with a wound on the level of the skull, was transported to the hospital. Another, with a swollen face and a gash in her hand, was taken care of by the Samu.

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