Qatar gives up at the last moment to pay the “false supporters”

Two days before the start of the 2022 World Cup, The Guardian reveals that the “fake supporters” recruited by Qatar to create atmosphere around the selections and during the competition, learned just before their arrival in the emirate that in the end they will not be paid for their daily expenses.

The controversy could still swell… The 2022 World Cup has not yet started the presence of “false supporters” in Qatar has already caused much ink to flow. For those who have missed it, remember that Qatar has recruited “false fans” abroad whose mission is to create atmosphere when the selections arrive in the emirate and of course during the competition. These supporters were offered travel, accommodation and a place to attend the opening ceremony and in the first game of the Qatar-Ecuador World Cup on Sunday.

According to revelations from Guardian, the reimbursement of meals and drinks was canceled at the last moment, when these “supporters” were preparing to join Qatar. A motivated decision, according to two fans from Europe, by the bad image sent back by the revelations about the “fake supporters” paid to create atmosphere.

It was through an email seen by the Guardian that they learned the bad news: “Due to recent developments in the media, we would like to protect our visiting fans from misrepresentation and misinformation regarding fans receiving payment. for the trip. As a result, the daily allowance will unfortunately no longer be paid. The allowance was intended to slightly increase your personal funds to help you with refreshments during your stay.”

In its message, the Qatari organization wishes to recall that it had asked each supporter to come with sufficient funds to cover their expenses.

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