Princess Charlene in black and white for her big return to the Monegasque National Day

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene attended all the 2022 National Day ceremonies. The presence of Princess Charlene was eagerly awaited by Monegasques, absent the previous year. For her comeback, Princess Charlene wore an immaculate white ensemble, accessorized with a black hat.

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Princess Charlene immaculate for her return to the National Day

In 2020, the public festivities of the Monegasque National Day had been canceled due to the health crisis. In 2021, the national holiday returned to its usual colors, especially since it was dedicated to the 10 years of marriage of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. Unfortunately, Princess Charlene was not present, having just returned from South Africa and unable to attend the ceremonies for health reasons.

The arrival of Princess Charlene at Monaco Cathedral on November 19, 2022 (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

This November 19, 2022, Princess Charlene took part in the festivities again on this national holiday, also called Prince’s Day, the date of which coincides with the feast of Saint Rainier of Arezzo, a Franciscan religious. The day began with the usual mass of thanksgiving at Notre-Dame-Immaculate Cathedral in Monaco, celebrated by Archbishop Dominique-Marie David.

The Archbishop of Monaco welcomes Prince Albert II, Princess Charlene, Princess Caroline and Princess Stéphanie in front of the entrance to the cathedral on this national holiday (Photo: David Nivière/ABACAPRESS.COM)
Princess Charlene, in the presence of Princess Stephanie, Prince Albert II and Princess Caroline at the 2022 National Day thanksgiving mass (Photo: Daniel Cole/AP/ISOPIX)

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Princess Charlene elegant in white and black for Prince’s Day 2022

Princess Charlene was eagerly awaited this Saturday, the national holiday being one of the three major public holidays in the Principality, with Saint-Jean in June and Sainte-Dévote in January. Prince Albert’s wife was however absent during previous editions of these celebrations, due to her precarious health. For her comeback, Princess Charlene wore a white ensemble, consisting of white pants under a long white coat. She also wore a large black boater hat.

Princess Charlene wore a bow-shaped brooch set with diamonds above her Grand Cross medal of the Order of Saint-Charles (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

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The long white coat with the black collar which also included a straight cape on the back. The princess wore a black hat and black gloves to complete this black and white look. She also wore a diamond bow-shaped brooch on her chest, pinned above her Grand Cross medal of the Order of St. Charles.

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