prices continue to soar

It is a well-known seesaw effect, the lower the volume, the more the price inflates. The scarcity of vehicles for sale, both new and on the second-hand market skyrocket prices.

With an increase observed for several months now, the price of used vehicles has just reached a new milestone in recent months with, according to the Autoviza barometer, based on the advertisements posted on the site, average prices of 22 €356 over the first ten months of 2022 for vehicles less than eight years old. An increase of 13.7% compared to 2021 which has increased further in recent weeks, with an average price which reached €24,200 in October for this same category of vehicle.

The inflation of second-hand vehicle prices, which can be seen both in the car market and in the two-wheeler market, is one of the consequences of the difficulties encountered by brands in supplying their dealers, who do not lack orders. .

Many customers, tired of having to wait several months for a new vehicle, have also decided to buy a used vehicleeven though the second-hand market is in dire need of products.

The decline in the number of new vehicles arriving in the circuit for more than two years now also contributes to the scarcity of used vehicles. Thereby transactions on the second-hand market are down by 13% since the start of the year, when at the same time, prices are soaring, with a 22.6% increase in the prices of vehicles between 6 and 8 years old, while vehicles under one year have seen their prices increase by 12%.

As for individuals, the average price at which they offer their vehicle has also jumped by 21.7% in one year, almost matching the prices of used vehicles offered by professionals.

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