Pogba case: “My two sons are victims”, says the player’s mother Yeo Moriba

This case caused a stir. Last September, several people, including the player’s brother Mathias, been charged and imprisoned for “extortion in an organized gang and participation in a criminal association with a view to preparing a crime” on Paul Pogba. For the first time from the start of the affair, the mother of the Juventus player, Yeo Moriba, spoke in “Sept à Huit” (TF1) to discuss her sons and her autobiography entitled “And in the end, we win”, co-written with journalist Clémence de Blasi.

She first gave news of Paul Pogba, deprived of the World Cup with France due to injury “Paul is starting to recover little by little psychologically. This affair tormented him. “Yeo Moriba also mentioned the kidnapping of his son, explaining that he had not been informed from the start: “He did not tell us immediately that he had been kidnapped. Nobody knew, his brothers didn’t know either.

“Mathias is not like that”

The world champion’s mother dwelt on the role of her son, Mathias in the case. After shooting a video on his social networks on August 30 where he threatened to reveal the true face of his brother, Mathias Pogba is one of the suspects in this case. He is notably accused of having tried to extort his brother for 13 million euros.

“For me, Mathias acted under threat, he is not like that I know him, I can swear. Before leaving for Guinea, I spoke with him once. I told him that he shouldn’t make the videos, but I felt he was under the influence, “she said before developing:” Mathias is nice. For me, my two sons are victims and that torments me. Mathias was manipulated, threatened… I’m worried about him, he’s my son, he doesn’t know banditry. »

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