Plane takes off 3 hours late due to faulty curtain between business and economy class

A British Airways flight was delayed for an unusual reason.

Passengers on a plane from British airline British Airways, which flew to London from Seville, will remember their trip for a long time.

Their flight was initially delayed for weather reasons. “We were stuck at the boarding gate and we had very little food offered to us. People in wheelchairs were boarded, then disembarked, then boarded again”, confides a passenger present at the Evening Standard.

“I had never heard anything so ridiculous”

Still grounded, their plane experienced a second, even bigger delay caused by… a faulty curtain between business class and economy class.

Visibly kept informed of the reason for their delay by the agents present on board, the passengers began to express their dissatisfaction. “We were very angry and we quickly suggested cutting the curtain. I had never heard anything so ridiculous to justify a delay”, continues the same traveler.

The airline apologizes

While he was supposed to leave Seville at 10:30 a.m., it was finally at 1:45 p.m. that the plane was able to take off. Faced with numerous criticisms, the airline reacted with a press release. “We have apologized to customers for the delay to their flight, which was caused by the aircraft being diverted to another airport on its previous route due to poor visibility. The aircraft has since taken off from Seville” , said a British Airways spokesman without having the slightest word on the famous faulty curtain.

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