Pep Guardiola testifies in favor of Benjamin Mendy

Currently underway, the trial of Benjamin Mendy who is accused of seven rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault continues on the side of Manchester. This Monday, the court welcomed a witness to judge the morality of the 28-year-old French left side. This is the player’s coach at Manchester City Pep Guardiola. As reported Manchester Evening Newsthe Spanish technician who took the oath returned to the behavior that Benjamin Mendy had in his presence.

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The 51-year-old coach, who called the Benjamin Mendy as “an exceptional player” then spoke about his personality: “He is a very good boy, I would say so generous. I think he’s happy and I remember when we were together everyone was asking for favors and he was able to do it. He is a very generous boy. I think he adapted very quickly to the team and I would say he was very happy to be able to help others. He was still able to do it. He likes to crack jokes and have fun and make people have fun. He was certainly a valued member of the team from day one.”

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