Paul El Kharrat says he never loved…

Paul El Kharrat is one of the greatest masters of the game of 12 strokes of noon and benefited greatly from its media coverage. Not used to confiding in his intimacy, the young man has let go since the release of his latest book on October 12 at Harper Collins France editions. In his book, Paul unveiled a new facet of his personality.

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Love, Glory and…

In a chapter of his book titled Welcome to my world, El Kharrat says more about his romantic relationships since his media coverage. “The first girl I knew, I was nineteen years old. Her name was Sarah and she was older than me by about ten years”, could we read. He then revealed that this young woman was an admirer who contacted him on social networks to congratulate him. He continued: “As the current was going well, we decided to meet. I went to see her in Angers, by train”.

In the issue of Gala from this day, Thursday, November 17, the young man confided a little more about his romantic relationships…

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