Online scams, fake sites and counterfeits: as Black Friday approaches, beware of scams

A few days before Black Friday, caution and mistrust are required to make the most of the promotions offered on the internet. Indeed, in this period the scams are numerous.

Black Friday money-saving promises can also hide scams designed to extract money from you. Distrust, as “Black Friday” approaches, alert the UFC-what to choose, which points out that many “fraudulent advertisements circulating on the Web”.

These scams are not innovative in themselves, but they blend into the mass of all the offers, which lure the customer. As indicated by the consumer defense association, many “false sites” are thus emerging, on which therefore, “imaginary promotions emerge”.

Fake sites, phishing, parcel scams…

They may look like brand sites that already exist or be pages invented by scammers. Their goal is simple, you pay for an order, which you will never receive. And you’ll never see the money spent againwith little chance of being reimbursed by the seller or your bank”, warns the UFC.

So check the URL of the websites and make sure of the business name of the seller, for example, before ordering online.

Another classic scam, but all the more widespread during this period, is phishing or phishing. “These prolific attacks take many forms: websites but also SMS, emails, announcements on social networks”and the aim of the scammers is to steal your personal data.

So be careful with the emails or SMS you receive, especially during Black Friday. An SMS about an undelivered package or the pretext of a gift to be won can therefore hide malicious attempts. As the UFC reminds us, “even in times of good business, miracles do not exist, and we must be wary of any proposition that is too good to be true”.

Many counterfeits

Beyond scams, another danger is in full expansion during the Black Friday period, counterfeits. They are illegal and “swarm” at the moment, warns the Union of Manufacturers (Unifab), reports AFP.

In a statement, the union recalls that counterfeits are “synonymous with dangers to health and safety, the environment, as well as the economy” and benefits “organized crime and mafia networks”.

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