om | Monaco-OM: “All the players were decisive”, salutes Igor Tudor

Igor Tudor was at a press conference after OM’s victory in Monaco (2-3)

Your team knew how to reverse this situation. We imagine you very happy with the reaction, especially the substitutes who were decisive?
It is sure that it is a good victory, especially after a match which was very open. In the first fifteen minutes, we had two, three chances. Then they managed to lead. I’m very happy with the replacements. Victory is the most important thing. I am very happy.

You don’t like to talk too much about personal cases, but Dimitri Payet was decisive. This is perhaps his best entry during the match since you have been on the bench?
Yes, I agree, all the players were decisive. It was a very tough match, as I said. He could tip to one side or the other. They were very dangerous. It’s a team with very strong players. We had a lot of mental strength. We believed in it until the end and the players who entered gave their all.

You talk about “mental toughness”. How much did the mind play to get the three points?
I’m very happy and I think it played a lot in the match. Even when we managed to equalize, there was really a desire for them to go and win. They weren’t happy just with this draw.

You finished with a lot of attacking players on the field. We could see Alexis Sanchez playing with a striker. What did you think of it?
We could see that with Bamba in front, Dimitri, Alex and √únder, and even Kolasinac, who is a fairly attacking full-back, we really tried to try something new.

What is your assessment of the first part of the season?
The feelings are positive. We performed well. If we also look at the Champions League, I also think that all the matches were good, I liked them. We managed to create an identity. The team really gives everything, the maximum. We try to show football that is positive, with the desire to score, not just to defend. We are missing points, perhaps also a little by bad luck. But I think we have a good foundation. We will manage to improve since we will have time to train.

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