Olivier Biscaye’s “Pepper & Salt”: “Aymeric Caron, the citizen scammer”

In his Sunday “Poivre & Sel”, the editorial director of Midi Libre Olivier Biscaye wonders about the parliamentary intentions of LFI deputy Aymeric Caron the day after his bullfighting rant.

If buffoonery had a first name, it would bear that of Aymeric. If non-exemplary had a name, it would be called Caron. Yes, that’s it, the definition of fraud in politics would be Aymeric Caron, LFI deputy from his state and citizen scammer.

The chosen one of the TV sets wallowed in contempt

We have a moved thought for all those who for a moment imagined being able to trust him, in particular his parliamentary colleagues invested in the file in good faith. In his fight against bullfighting, the chosen one on TV shows wallowed in contempt, leaving thousands of volunteers and associations mobilized in the field in the open. Whatever you think, it sucks.

Deputy-show in permanent buzz

“When we have decided to go into battle, we go to the end, whatever happens”. It’s not me who says it but Claire Starozinski, the president of the Anti-corrida Alliance, Gardoise at heart, as dismayed as disappointed after the withdrawal of the text brought by Caron to the National Assembly, claiming the obstruction of his opponents.

Would this joke surprise us? Not at all ! It is a good illustration of the drift we have been witnessing for months now, an Assembly where clowning and invective are preferred to substantive exchanges and respect for the given word.

Aymeric Caron is the archetype of the deputy-show in permanent buzz. It makes noise, agitates but does not produce anything serious. The cause defended? A stooge? The electors ? An excuse. And honesty in all this? With variable geometry. Results ? Detestable.

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