Nikos forced to apologize after his appearance on the Star Ac’ set, huge quack!

Saturday, November 12, on the occasion of the fifth bonus, the students of the new class of Star Academy paid tribute to Grégory Lemarchal, winner of the fourth season in 2004. Three years after his victory, the young singer suffering from cystic fibrosis is died from complications of his illness. To accompany the students, Amel Bent, Kendji Girac, Zazie and Patrick Fiori were on stage, as were Dadju and Tayc, not to mention the rock group Feu! Chatterton. Matt Pokora came to complete this list of prestigious guests.

The 37-year-old singer shared the stage with Chris. Together they took over his piece Falls. A moment that was marred by sound problems. “We apologize, we had a little sound problem, I’m saying this for the viewers, it’s good to know”explained Nikos Aliagas.

Excuses not sufficient for the taste of Internet users, exasperated to be confronted with the same problem every week. “I thought my ears were suddenly blocked, but no”, “Matt who hates when there is a sound problem… And seriously, guys in Belgium with our small budget, we’ve never had problem in LIVE. It’s still shameful”, “You are royally ch … with the sound problems! We can not appreciate the songs properly mashed”, “we will have to do something about your microphone problems, c ‘is absolutely unbelievable such poor sound quality on Star Academy”, “Sound problem getting worse and worse it’s really shameful for a special premium”, “We see that there is no longer the same budget as 20 years ago. What misery all these sound and microphone problems”could we read in the comments.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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