Nikos Aliagas tries to reframe Tiana after her embarrassing remarks in the Star Academy

This November 19, Chris and Tiana were eliminated from Star Academy. While collecting their reactions, Nikos Aliagas had to reframe the young participant who made forbidden remarks on the air.

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Last straight line for the remaining candidates of the star Academy! After the departure of Stan and Julien a week earlier, the students redoubled their efforts on Saturday 19 November to prove to their teachers that they had what it took to be in the final. This week, Michael Goldman had indicated to the academicians that one of them would directly earn their place in the final at the end of the evaluations. Although he was sick, Louis won the day with his performance on falling of the singer Harry Styles. Thereby, Anisha, Léa, Tiana, Enola and Chris played their places this Saturday. In the end, viewers did the choice to eliminate Chris and Tiana. But when collecting the impressions of the two eliminated, Nikos Aliagas tried to reframe the young woman several times after she made a few gaffes on air.

Little moment of embarrassment on the set of the star Academy

When Nikos Aliagas joined Chris and Tiana to get their hot reactions, the host certainly didn’t expect what was to follow. “I never thought I’d make it to the semi-finals. I did not already think that one day I would return to the Star Ac’ but above all to arrive in the semi-finals, it’s incredible“began the young woman, visibly moved.”First time you also left the family home, away from parents, learning something else, without a mobile phone“, chained Nikos Aliagas before he was cut by Tiana, who replied: And without McDo.” A big blunder that the host could not let pass, for fear of being pinned by the ex-CSA. It’s not an ad, it’s a misunderstanding. I say this in all friendship for Arcom, good evening“. But when the host asked the student what she would do when she got home, Tiana replied again: “Mcdonalds”, while his comrade, Chris, nodded. Enough to exasperate Nikos Aliagas! Stop with that! What is this generation…“, exclaimed the presenter.

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Last straight line for the four finalists of the star Academy

After the departure of Chris and Tiana, the four finalists will spend their last week at the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys before knowing the big winner on the evening of Saturday November 26. As a reminder, the grand finale of the star Academy will not start at 9:10 p.m. like previous primes. Indeed, TF1 decided to broadcast it in the second part of the evening, just after the broadcast of Argentina’s match against Mexico at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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