Nagui would be despite himself involved in a dirty case of harassment. The November 10 edition of France Dimanche magazine tells a little more about this story. However, with this article, we will reveal everything to you.

Florence Mendez complains on social networks

The magazine France Dimanche devotes a file on the host star of France 2 and France Inter. The article speaks precisely of a case of harassment in which Nagui is involved in spite of himself.

On November 10, the weekly reports the accusation Florence Mendez. The latter was excluded from the soundtrack of the morning show of France Inter. In this sense, on his Instagram page, the Belgian comedian confided the real reasons for this snub.

Indeed, she revealed that she was the victim of moral harassment.

A publication that accuses a collaborator of Nagui

Florence Mendez expresses her anger and disappointment on social networks. The comedian judged that she does not need to reveal the details of the moral harassment of which she was the victim.

“It’s not up to Nagui’s collaborators to explain what it is” she said before continuing, “Aren’t we (that is to say the victims) all playing the game of those who treat us badly? What if we just stopped being scared and started opening it up? “.

Afterwards, she indicated that a collaborator of Nagui yelled at her.

Nagui involved in a dirty case of harassment

Florence Mendez assured that she was the victim of harassment from a close collaborator of Nagui. She then recounted the circumstances of this case. The facts go back to March 2022. This person apparently yelled at him, so violently at the end of the recording of a program.

As a result, the Belgian comedian ended up having a panic attack which required the intervention of the firefighters of Radio France.. Following this sad event, she spoke with other people. The latter, who no longer work with her, said they had suffered the same kind of behavior.