MyCanal is updated on PC with many new features

Freebox subscribers with TV By Canal: MyCanal is updated on PC with many new features

Notice to users of the MyCanal application on the Windows ecosystem, the subsidiary of Vivendi announces the deployment of a new version of its application on PC but also on Xbox consoles.

There is something new on MyCanal. An update to the app available on Windows 10 and 11, as well as Xbox One, Series S and Series X consoles brings its share of changes to improve the user experience. Among the most important, we can notably count access to videos in 1080p or in Full HD on these media as well as the latest version of the interface.

The Info Sheet, Rewatch/Upcoming, Zap options and Quality and Audio/Subtitles Settings are now more easily accessible from your viewing screen. In addition, on the side of the program info sheet, several options are now available, including:

  • More info: to find out more about the program you want to watch
  • See also: to find all our suggestions related to the selected program
  • Bonuses : to stay in the mood with new scenes or making-offs
  • Trailers : to get a taste of the program. If you want to enable or disable autoplay of the trailer for selected content, go to Settings > Autoplay
  • Buy: to buy and keep this program with CANAL VOD

Another novelty, the possibility of creating profiles for your children (Kids) with therefore a dedicated home screen with content classified by age category and by hero as well as new and popular content. It is also possible to save content in a playlist and access downloads made with this profile in a dedicated section. Note however, downloads are not possible on Xbox. The info sheet has also been simplified.

The developers also announce that they have integrated more language options and subtitles into this version.

A platform accessible to Freebox subscribers with TV by Canal

MyCanal is the official application, which allows Canal/Canal+ subscribers to benefit from their offer on all screens, and non-subscribers to access unencrypted programs on iOS and Android. It is above all the essential application for Free users subscribing to the “TV by Canal” offer via the Freebox (Delta and Révolution), who have access to all the features of MyCanal on the move, such as the Canal channels, the free channels of Freebox TV as well as replay.

MyCanal also offers an Android TV version compatible with the Freebox Pop and mini 4K (discover our test). The application can also be found on Apple TV, available as a main TV box for new Freebox Pop and Delta subscribers, or even as a multi-tv for others. The Vivendi subsidiary also recently launched a beta test phase for a future application running under MacOS.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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