Monaco on its 31 for the Prince’s Day

On this Saturday, the Rock is jubilant. It is the “Prince’s Day”, the Monegasque national holiday. It has been celebrated on November 19 since 1951 after having navigated between several dates, November 5 when it was established in 1857 by Charles III, November 15 under Albert I, January 17 under Louis II, and April 11 under Rainier III, who finally decided to make it coincide with the day of his enthronement, November 19, 1951.

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But the ceremonial has known little upheaval since the reign of Prince Charles III. The day began with a Te Deum in the Cathedral, where Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were welcomed by the Archbishop of Monaco, appointed in 2020, Mgr Dominique-Marie David.

On Instagram, the princess had lifted all suspense on the outfit of the twins

Charlene, wrapped in a long white coat and wearing a wide-brimmed black boater, made a spectacular appearance alongside her husband in full uniform. But all eyes turned to the twins, Gabriella, dressed in a red coat, the official color of the principality and wearing a small black hat.

As for Jacques, like his father, he wears the uniform of his rank with red cuffs, white gloves and black kepi flanked by the princely crown.

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