Michel Sardou’s outburst of anger against bicycles in town, last night on France 2, did not go unnoticed: “They burn the red lights… The next one, I do it to myself!” – Look

It’s almost a habit with his “true speaking”, Michel Sardou does not fail to trigger controversy when he is questioned on TV sets. And last night, it was on the set of Laurent Delahousse, on France 2, that the singer who announced his return this week, found himself

Asked if “it was better before”, Michel Sardou gave a clear opinion, but it was by speaking about cyclists that he sparked a controversy, some seeing a call for violence against these two wheels .

Michel Sardou, indeed launched into an editorial on traffic:

“It was also bad before! There was the strike, there was the war, there were money problems… But we weren’t bored on the highways, we could drive at 180 without anyone telling you nothing ! There weren’t the scooters that really broke them. There weren’t the bikes running through all the red lights. The next one I do to myself!”

Words that some have described as a call to violence but which have however aroused no reaction from Laurent Delahousse who has continued with the following sequence…

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