Michel Sardou greedy? His famous brother-in-law comes out of silence and answers cash!

This is news that took everyone by surprise. Thursday November 10, Michel Sardou announced that he would start a new tour in October 2023. However, the singer – who will be 76 next January – had given his last concert at the Seine Musicale in Boulogne-Billancourt in April 2018. “I think I’ve done my job enough. I’m not going to sing I will love you until I was 83″he confided to the microphone of RTL at the time.

However, this decision to return to the stage did not come from Michel Sardou himself but rather from his partner Anne-Marie, who is also the sister of the great photographer Jean-Marie Périer. “I didn’t want to come backconfessed the singer in the columns of the Parisian this week. But I got screwed in the big widths by my wife.” Indeed, she “threatened to [le] leave and go back to her brother”: “She blackmailed me!”

He said he was quitting, what does that mean?

However, Michel Sardou is particularly attacked for organizing his new tour, supposedly motivated solely by money. Jean-Marie Périer then defended the singer on his Instagram account this Friday, November 11 with this long message: “My brother-in-law decides to come back on stage. So of course, I hear in the media: ‘Ah he said he was stopping,…

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