Michel Sardou announces his big comeback on stage and shocks with his comments on cyclists

Michel Sardou, who said goodbye in 2018, has announced a new and final tour in 2023. Michel Polnareff is following in his footsteps by also announcing a major tour for next year.

French artists demonstrate longevity. Michel Sardou has thus announced his big return to the stage, a real surprise because the singer of “La Maladie d’amour” had already announced in 2017 his last tour in 2018. The artist announced at the end of last week the organization of a new tour which will take place in 2023, he came to confirm the information on Sunday evening on the set of the JT of France 2.

Faced with Laurent Delahousse who was conducting the interview orchestrating his big comeback, Michel Sardou appeared not to be in great shape and quite closed, sometimes even having difficulty speaking. The artist, accustomed to rather divisive positions and always quick to decline the theme “it was better before”, attacked scooters and cyclists! He thus stated: “There weren’t the bikes that I can’t stand. There, they all run through the red lights, the next one, I do it to myself”shocking many viewers who reacted on social media.

It was better before :
“There weren’t the bikes that I can’t stand, here they are, they all run through the red lights, the next one I do it to myself”
Michel Sardou

If you were also shocked by his remarks, you can report them to#ARCOM I will show you how: 1/4 pic.twitter.com/bNpV3NEKR1

— Altis u25b7 (@AlTi5) November 14, 2022

He recognized that he was going to have to work a lot and train, to regain his physical form, but also his voice, whose breadth of range made him famous. The 75-year-old singer also said he had to learn the words to his songs!

Polnareff too

The tour will begin in October 2023 and the artist wishes to perform from a central stage to have a better proximity with the public. This final farewell tour called I remember a goodbye will begin on October 3, 2023 at the Zénith de Rouen and will end on March 16, 2024 at the Paris Défense Arena.

.@MICHELPOLNAREFF like to surprise. Iconic, modern, timeless, we get used to seeing it where no one expects it ud83dudd76After several years away from the spotlight, Décibels Productions is extremely proud to be able to announce a tour-event for the happiness of its fans. . pic.twitter.com/L4xTE0Qnyr

— Decibels Prod (@DecibelsProd_) November 14, 2022

Another Michel back, but he had never said he was stopping, it’s Michel Polnareff. The 78-year-old singer will therefore be back on stage 6 years after his last tour. It will take place from May 24 to July 8, 2023. It accompanies the release of a new album Polnareff sings Polnareff, piano-voice covers of his greatest hits. Michel Polnareff stayed 28 years away from the studios before the release of his previous album Finally! in 2018. He too opts for the central stage for this piano-voice that will satisfy his biggest fans. The poster is a famous nod to that of 1979, hat on the head and buttocks in the air!

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