Marlana, candidate for 12 Coups de midi, touches Jean-Luc Reichmann with her testimony on hermaphroditism

A candidate from 12 noon shots gave a testimony that touched Jean-Luc Reichmann a lot this Sunday. Marlana, diagnosed as a hermaphrodite, claims to have grown up in the wrong body.

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Who will succeed in dethroning Stephane ? This Sunday, January 15, three new candidates have tried to succeed where so many others have failed over the past six months by measuring themselves against the champion of 12 noon shots. Marlanastraight from Ain, even distinguished itself until Fatal blowthe final duel phase of the game. But before arriving at this crucial stage, the one who has passed the selections in Provence several times gave herself up to the request Jean-Luc Reichmann. He thought that “his little story could help some people“…

This unique operation carried out

The home health aide explained:Basically, I was adopted. Unfortunately I grew up in the wrong body and it happened when I was 25, when I had the sex reassignment surgery, that the surgeon realized that I was really a woman“, revealed the participant, providing details. “So don’t consider me a transvestite or transsexual, it’s far from all that. In fact, I’m downright hermaphrodite. I already had everything of a woman so I don’t need to take female hormones. It’s a rather special case.”, concedes Marlana. That said, that does not prevent her from being very fulfilled in life thanks to her companion, in particular.

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Confessions about her lover

The young woman returned in more detail to her love at first sight with her boyfriend: Today, I breathe happiness indeed. (…) I have a friend called Christophe, whom I met 8 months ago. We met in a bar, a little wink and you never know separated since. He’s a wonderful man!“. Faced with the great St├ęphane, Marlana did not sparkle, leaving all the same with a superb ski trip for two people and a new vocation! She would like, in fact, to retrain professionally, dreaming “to land a role in Leo Mattei“. The interpreter of the famous commander is now warned! St├ęphane will return to him, this Monday, January 16 for a 149th participation.

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