Mariah Carey opens up about her difficult childhood

In a new interview with “W Magazine”, Mariah Carey indulged in a few confidences.

Mariah Carey is the queen of Christmas. Every year, as the end of the year festivities approach, his planetary hit entitled “All I Want for Christmas” resounds on all the waves. In a new interview with W Magazine “, the singer confided in her childhood” dysfunctional “. A situation that made Christmas extremely important to her. “I know most of the time people say, ‘Oh yes! Look at her ! She’s so festive and so Christmas girl, or whatever. But, really, Christmas makes me happy, she begins. People think I had a princess life, a fairy tale existence where I emerged saying, ‘Here I am. And that’s not it. »

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“An extremely dysfunctional childhood”

Born in Huntington, New York, to an engineer father and a singer mother who performed at the New York Opera, Mariah Carey looked back on her complicated childhood. “I had very sad Christmases growing up, but I always try to find the light in them,” she explains. Before adding: “It was an extremely dysfunctional childhood, so much so that it is shocking that I got out of it at all… There were no role models for people who were clearly mixed race or, you know, fair-skinned or whatever (…)

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