Margaux (Don’t forget the lyrics) confides after her elimination from the 2022 Masters

It won’t be for this year either. For his third participation in the Masters of Do not forget the lyricsthe young Margaux was eliminated this Thursday, November 17 against Belgian Valerie in the 8th final. An elimination marked by the new same-song covers rule. The opportunity for the current record holder of the France 2 program to react to her ousting and the pressure of being the number 1 on the show.

“I am expected by the public”

Tele-Leisure: In what state of mind were you before these Masters?

Margaux: I was in a better state of mind than in previous years. Usually I’m always stressed but there I was super relaxed. Maybe it’s because there was the tour and I spent time with the musicians. The tour will soon end elsewhere, on November 27 in Geneva, I’m starting to get nostalgic.

How did your revisions go?

I had to organize myself differently with the tour. Usually I get into it 2-3 months before, but here I had to anticipate. I revised the unloved a lot because it can make a real difference since we all know the same songs. Unfortunately I haven’t reviewed the good ones, there is also a part of luck, but I always try to enrich my repertoire outside of my musical tastes, by learning Paulette the queen of paupiettes Charlots for example.

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Does your number 1 status add extra pressure to you?

Clearly! It’s not the maestros who put pressure on me, but I inevitably imagine that I am expected by the public. If I was even 2nd I would be much more relaxed.

“It brought me a lot of stress”

Do you set yourself a goal before each Masters?

The objective is clearly to pass the first round. This year is the first time that I haven’t won any money, but that’s secondary. The goal is above all to go as far as possible but I see that I regress every time. For my first Masters I had made the semi-final, then the quarter-final last year and now 8th. Logically, I should therefore lose from 16th the following year. We will try to counter that.

How do you live your defeat?

I am disappointed because I am hypercompetitive. I’m bound to be a little frustrated because with the same classic songs and not covers I might have gone further. We will never know because Valérie is very strong and might still have won. But this new rule still brought me a lot of stress. When I learned the rule, I revised a lot of covers but I didn’t think of Shakira, telling myself that it was Spanish, so it couldn’t fall out. If I had come across one of the covers of the star Academy I could surely have got away with it because there are some that I know better than the originals.

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Have you already resumed your revisions for next year?

All year round I listen to my playlists, I integrate them like that. Then a few months before I really do intensive cramming. But I sing all the time. I contacted musicians from Saint-Malo to continue singing, I hope it will work. The tour really motivated me. if i can sing at parties or weddings I would be super happy.

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