Manuel Neuer’s reaction to Spain draw

The shock of group Elast night, between Spain and Germany (1-1) will not necessarily have kept all its promises in terms of play but the intensity was there. Hansi Flick’s men absolutely did not have to lose to hope to continue this World Cup in Qatar, after this big disappointment and a defeat against Japan (2-1), when they entered the running. Manuel Neuer, the goalkeeper and captain of this German selection, analyzed the performance of his team after the draw against La Roja.

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“It was a very complicated match against a well-established Spanish team. We accepted this fight and we barely left the ball during the 90 minutes. The whole team gave their all. With this compactness, it was difficult to score us a goal. But we continued to believe in ourselves. The most important thing is that we are still alive. What we have mastered now is the game against Costa Rica, which we have to win.”said the 36-year-old doorman, in remarks reported by The Team.

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