Loto: the improbable series of numbers that allowed this Swiss to become a millionaire

A Swiss player won the Loto by playing a combination of numbers that had very little chance of winning him the jackpot.

It was his day. A Loto player in Switzerland had the immense chance of winning 1 million Swiss francs, or around 1.02 million euros, by ticking a totally improbable series of numbers on his grid.

Because, as Swssinfo reports, the latter won big with a series of numbers that almost all follow each other (4, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32, with 1 as the lucky number). A combination that had very little chance in terms of the probability of falling in the draw.

French-speaking Switzerland has a millionaire from u2795 thanks to the ????? ???? ! A lucky player ticked the 6 correct numbers and won 1️⃣ million francs! ?

Results of the draw ud83dudc49ud83cudffb https://t.co/pf7w8mLNcU

The winning ballot was validated in the canton of Valais. pic.twitter.com/L4xaEqK5fe

— LoterieRomande (@LoterieRomande) November 16, 2022

Indeed, complicated, when ticking the numbers on your Lotto grid, to imagine that five of them will follow each other perfectly…

The identity of the winner remains unknown

This is however what happened to this inhabitant of the canton of Valais, whose identity has not been revealed.

Luck always, this improbable jackpot comes only a few days with another notable victory in a national lottery, but this time American. On November 8, a Californian won $ 2 billion in Powerball.

Never had such a sum been won in the world in the history of the lottery.

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