Lola Marois speaks about the end of Plus Belle la Vie (VIDEO)

In More beautiful life for five years, Lola Marois, the companion of Jean-Marie Bigard, spoke about the end of the series, which ended last Friday.

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Since Friday around 11 of More beautiful life are in mourning. If France 3 had taken care to accompany them with a documentary tracing the history of this daily soap opera which started in 2004, it must now be resolved: the series will no longer be broadcast every evening on France Télévisions, and his replacement was also proposed on Monday. Arrival in the last, Lola Marois wanted to tell how she saw this cancellation.

Lola Marois has “hallucinated“on hearing the end of More beautiful life

Although it was announced at the start of the year, the end of More beautiful life thus only intervened on 18 November last. A long-planned end therefore, which allowed the screenwriters to prepare a whole bunch of surprises for the fans. We thus saw the surprise return of Fabienne Karat as a ghost, but also by Laëtitia Milot, until the grand finale, where the entire cast found themselves dancing to the song “All the happiness in the world”. Asked how she learned the news, Lola Marois, who is also the companion of comedian Jean-Marie Bigardexplained in Do not touch My TV have been “hallucinated” : “I said ‘but wait there’s a noise going around like it stops and everything’after that, it’s true that everything has an end, it’s a series that is 18 years old, which had improved enormously,” citing in particular the fact that everything had started in the studio before offering outdoor shots.

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“No, I didn’t yell!”, explains Lola Marois

When Cyril Hanouna asks her if she was annoyed by this announced end, Lola Marois refutes: “No, I didn’t yell! (…) For once I was hallucinating, and then I said to myself, that’s life. Me honestly, personally, I’m someone who likes renew me, who likes to put me in danger… I was also happy that fate forced me to roll up my sleeves and go back to work.This is not the opinion of all the former actors from the Serie, nor viewers, who cried a lot during the grand finale of Friday evening.

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