Lola Marois reframes the behavior of her companion Jean-Marie Bigard in TPMP, the surprised comedian (VIDEO)

Present last night on the set of Do not touch My TV to come back to the end of More beautiful lifeLola Marois did not hesitate to reframe her husband Jean-Marie Bigard in full live.

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Last night, Lola Marois, Fabienne Carat and Avy Marciano returned to Do not touch My TV on the last bounty event of More beautiful life airs Friday, November 18. It closed after 18 years on the air the story of France 3’s flagship soap opera by bringing back key actors from the program such as Fabienne Carat as a ghost or even Laëtitia Milot to the great surprise of viewers. Cyril Hanouna also took advantage of the presence on the set of Lola Marois, the wife of the famous comedian and new columnist for the Jean-Marie Bigard showto point out her husband’s return to television, but he didn’t expect her to reframe him live.

Lola Marois pins the behavior of her husband live

Lola Marois did not hesitate to reframe the behavior of her husband Jean-Marie Bigard in front of everyone by asking him to throw the chewing gum he has in his mouth: “I’m not kidding, throw away your gum, you’re on TV.” The actress’ request greatly amused the columnists and the public who did not expect the comedian to stick the famous chewing gum under the table to please her. According to Lola Marois, Cyril Hanouna should not let her husband do whatever he wants: “Cyril, you have to tell him that kind of thing!

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“I leave him total freedom”

The host does not share the opinion of Lola Marois since he wishes to leave complete freedom to Jean-Marie Bigard, even if he affirms: “I take a lot of risks, but I give him total freedom.” According to the actress, Cyril Hanouna should still set limits to the comedian: “He’s eating chewing gum, what’s the next step? He’s having a beer?” Before picking up again, “No, he doesn’t drink anymore…”. This exchange finally ends with one of the columnists who notifies them that they are not alone on the set, a remark which largely made the public laugh.

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