Linky counter: the bad news has just fallen for all users


Linky meters: the French are dependent on electricity and gas. The State has decided to take measures in this particular context. Enedis can cut your hot water tank.

Hot water tanks cut off remotely

The Linky meter arouses some discontent in the population. This is a system for monitoring electricity consumption in France managed by Enedis. The installation of the Linky meter aroused some mistrust. It has become mandatory. A new decree published in September 2022.

As part of the energy sobriety plan, Enedis has been instructed to shut off customers’ hot water tanks. Most of the time, the meter of each dwelling is located in the land of their dwelling. The company does not have to come to your home because it can control the Linky remote meter.

According to the contract, the cut will not take place only at a specific time. Thus, your device will be muted between noon and two o’clock. Then, the Linky meter will restart on its own! It is always possible to reactivate it manually.

Linky, a management tool

After the trial period, many people have changed their minds about the Linky counter. Everyone wants to reduce their expenses. This initiative to cut the balloons saved 2,400 megawatts (MW) in one go. Total consumption per month is 2.4 million French people. This cut of the Linky meter does not concern everyone, only those who have a subscription during peak hours or off-peak hours. In addition, Enedis has decided to inform the persons concerned in advance.

Linky meters have replaced over time old meters in France since 2015. These meters allow electricity consumption to be read remotely. Until 2021, it was possible to refuse the installation of a Linky meter. But, its installation is mandatory and it is in the law.

The texts indicate that the meter does not belong to you: it belongs to the authorities. However, as part of your contract with your energy supplier or your contract with the network operator, you agree to allow access to your meter. As of December 31, 2021, more than 34 million latest-generation electricity meters and more than 90% of Enedis customers are equipped with a Linky meter.

The Linky meter is more transparent: unlike the old meters, which offered an estimate of consumption with regularization, Linky meters allow you to be billed for actual consumption. Better knowledge of your consumption: this is also a way to better understand the consumption of your home. Utilisation facility : Linky tends to simplify everyday life. Meter readings and interventions can be carried out remotely!

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