Kristofer (Remember the lyrics) “followed” by people, he wants to “get back to a normal life”

It may not be reality TV but when you appear in Do not forget the lyrics and that, on top of that, we have made a remarkable career, a born notoriety. Some manage to accept it and live with it, and others have great difficulty. This seems precisely the case of Kristofer according to his recent statements to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure.

Indeed, the one who appeared for the first time on television seven months ago, returned to the program presented by Nagui on the occasion of the Masters 2022. He managed to climb to the 8th finals but lost against in Violaine on November 14th. The opportunity for him to find a little peace and be a little less highlighted. Because yes, the one who revealed whether he was in a relationship or not a few months ago is having a lot of trouble with his notoriety. He does not spit in the soup, however, and recognizes that Do not forget the lyrics brought him a lot.

Need to step back for Kristofer after “Do not forget the lyrics”

“I was invited to TV sets, to participate in shows, many people from TV or radio contacted me to work with them”he rejoices at first before adding: “I did not realize the magnitude, even on social networks”.

On the other hand, one point surprises him enormously and even today: Don’t forget the lyrics it’s a TV game but it’s not reality TV, I didn’t expect there to be people following the candidates behind”. But the presence of all these “people” weighs on Kristofer. This is why he announced his wish to take a step back from all this. “I’m trying to get back to a more normal life because I got a little lost… I have to work hard to finish my studies. I want to continue TV and radio because I love it. Afterwards, I can’t see myself doing this all my life, he said to our colleagues. In fact, the young man should not reappear immediately on the small screen.

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