Kate Winslet makes the buzz by being adorable with a very young rookie interviewer

The young Martha had enough to have cold sweats. For her very first interview broadcast by ZDF, this budding reporter had the daunting task of meeting Kate Winslet as part of the promotion of Avatar: The Waterway.

But the actress immediately knew how to put her at ease, as can be seen in an excerpt from this interview posted on Twitter. “It’s my first time,” Martha can be heard confiding to the actress, who replies, “It’s going to be the most incredible interview. And you know why ? Because we decided it was going to be. »


“You and I decide on the spot that this is going to be a really fantastic interview”, continues Kate Winslet in this video who has largely buzzed on the networks. “You can ask me anything, and you don’t have to worry. You can manage. »

Words of encouragement that had the effect of relaxing Martha, so much so that she did not hesitate to ask for a little selfie at the end!

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