Karine Le Marchand has an open heart, she talks about the end of her career

years that she rubs shoulders with farmers and manages to make them happy by offering them the possibility of meeting the chosen one of their heart. By her smile, her sympathy, and above all her empathy, Karine Le Marchand is still much appreciated by them and by viewers who follow the flagship program of M6. This is also why the show is doing so well and always seems to have a bright future ahead of it. But will success be there, even when the host retires?

At 54, retirement still seems very far away for Stéphane Plaza’s sidekick. Still, that doesn’t stop him from thinking about it from time to time. As evidenced by his last Instagram post dated this Sunday, November 20. A post in which she evokes precisely her end of career. Or rather, in which she gives the elements that could lead her to stop everything for good. Karine Le Marchand indeed mentioned this subject when she posted a video of Jacques Brel who gave his opinion on the “talent”.

What could push her to stop everything

For the late artist, talent does not exist. It is simply discipline and hard work that achieves the goals of life. Whether in the arts or in everyday life. A thought joined by the facilitator. This confirmed the words of Jacques Brel with a text that says a lot about her mental strength, which notably allowed her to get to where she is today.

“I would have had nothing, obtained nothing without hard work and the desire to progress… never have I known happy idleness”, assures Karine Le Marchand first before talking about the end of his career and the moment during which this desire will arise: “I believe that when I no longer have the desire to work, to learn, to create, to invent, to convince… it means that I will be dead. Thank you Mr Brel. #ina #mesvaleurs”.

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