just released, the game gets destroyed for this reason (15 tweets)

It’s the big day for fans of Pokemon. Indeed, this November 18 marks the official launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple, the newest games in the franchise. However, it seems that not everyone is satisfied…

A game with lots of bugs

As everyone knows, Game Freak is required to release a canonical game every three years. Pokemon. After the excellent Pokémon Sword and Shield in 2019, it’s the turn of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple to point the tip of their nose on Nintendo Switch. From their announcement, Nintendo and Game Freak had emphasized the ambition of this new generation of games Pokemon. However, it seems that the result is not really up to everyone’s expectations.

If the games are indeed ambitious, they confront the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch, which has been on sale for five years already. As a result, in the opinion of many players, the next generation of games Pokemon suffers from many bugs. Texture issues are also pointed out.

We have recorded for you many very negative reactions to this subject. Hoping that Nintendo takes care of correcting these problems as soon as possible!


Really this Pokémon game is a breath of hope for the license.

But please #PokemonScarletPurple do something about graphics, fps, transitions, cameras, animations, draw distances, texture, bug and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. It’s worth more than 60€ in 2022 all that.

November 18, 2022


How many months of dev for these bugs and these textures? ud83dude2d #PokemonPurple #PokemonScarletPurple pic.twitter.com/UZ0RcMjrci

November 18, 2022



OK, I finished the game yesterday.
Lots of bugs
Huge fps drops for no reason
Serious balancing issues
A battery drain worse than Zelda BOTW…
No interest
The attached video shows how badly the game is optimized. pic.twitter.com/SdezjiFC9W

November 18, 2022


what i see in the game #PokemonScarletPurple disgusts me, I always love the license like a lot and to see that there are so many bugs for an official release is unacceptable, I really hope that they will react and recover for the next release

November 18, 2022


Clipping and bugs #PokemonScarletPurple make me really mad in front of the screen it terrifies me how we can release a game so poorly finished graphically? And the filthy shadows there
In 6 hours of play I have already found tons of bugs??

November 18, 2022


Read on forum @JVCom #PokemonScarletPurple “a graphical purge (…) worse than I imagined: clipping, popping, aliasing, miscellaneous bugs, catastrophic textures, polygons… a demonstration of everything not to do graphically” it smells bad this story

November 16, 2022


Nintendo they had better release an update, I don’t have a big bug but it’s still weird #PokemonScarletPurple

November 18, 2022


We are in big 2022, the Pokémon license is indefensible.

They took 25 years to put normal maps and roughness and they make us textures in 140P not simeless even my grandmother’s tapestry has better textures.#PokemonScarletPurple pic.twitter.com/IVjuaVgWTM

November 17, 2022


the game sucks I think #PokemonScarletPurple #NintendoSwitch pic.twitter.com/ZxmnwBrhLR

November 17, 2022


Game Freak really needs to stop trying to do things they don’t have the manpower, the time, or the skills to do.

And that TPC stop imposing this completely unbearable rhythm for the devs.#PokemonScarletPurple #PokemonScarletPurple https://t.co/uUrHhYKCl2

November 17, 2022


#PokemonScarletPurple it is indefensible and inadmissible. They make 1 game/year by torturing their 3rd dev to make us pay 60 bucks for a buggy and uglier game than 3 generations back. “Gngn there are good mechanics” stop pity they are 30 years late and nothing exceptional

November 18, 2022


“The view is great from the lighthouse, isn’t it?”

*laughs*#PokemonScarletPurple pic.twitter.com/qsw8GsRMyt

November 18, 2022


Unsurprisingly, it looks like #PokemonScarlet #PokemonScarletPurple #PokemonPurple is not finished and that it is ugly.

Once again, before taking a nintendo game with dubious trailers, you have to wait, it avoids crying over its 45/60 euros https://t.co/JT4Ve4uGPT

November 18, 2022


Just saw the leaks of #PokemonScarletPurple damn ugly. But will I still buy? Absolutely pic.twitter.com/TLFZ6zWyEZ

November 9, 2022


I’ve never been very technical but this Pokémon Purple / Scarlet is the most artistically ugly Pokémon game I’ve ever seen.

It’s soulless, Arceus was so much stronger on it. There it is from a generic… Oskour. #PokemonScarletPurple

October 6, 2022

And you, how do you find these new games Pokemon ? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments section!

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