Julien’s family (Star Academy) at the heart of a huge scandal

He was the darling of the public, and this Saturday evening, he did not return with the rest of his academic comrades, to the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys. Julien left the adventure, along with Stanislas, failing to qualify against Anisha and Tiana (respectively saved by the public and the students). The young handsome 20-year-old from Toulon is part of a scandal, which has swelled on social networks in recent days…

“I was dressed up as Stevie Wonder

As we have known since the beginning of the Star Academy adventure, Julien comes from a family of musicians. His big brother, Mathieu Canaby is himself already a singer, and his parents love to improvise concerts. This November 12, his dad explained that during one of his events around the music, they had paid a special tribute to Stevie Wonder.

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In the 2000s, he says, “we did look-alike concerts and I was made up as Stevie Wonder. It was a lot of work, because I’m white with blue eyes. And Mathieu, we made him up as a little black guy“. What indignant some of the Internet users who shouted at blackface (from the name of this black makeup of a white person to make a stereotypical caricature of a black person).

“It’s abused how sickening you are

A historically racist practice, which has been deplored by Internet users, in number. If other fans supported Julien’s family, making the distinction between themselves “make up a little black” and disguise himself as Stevie Wonder, Mathieu Canaby, for his part, stepped up to the plate. He estimated: “You are completely crazy to link on Twitter. It’s abused how disgusting you are. Stevie Wonder is our absolute master, we were just paying homage to him“.


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