Julien reacts hot after his elimination from Star Academy (VIDEO)

The evening of Saturday November 12 was filled with emotions for fans of the star Academy. For several hours, students paid tribute to the show’s most iconic winner: Gregory Lemarchal, who emerged victorious in the fourth edition in 2004, before being killed three years later by cystic fibrosis. The students in the hot seat that night were Anisha, Tiana, Stan and Julien. The first was saved by the votes of viewers, at the end of the show, while the second was chosen by her fellow academicians. The two boys therefore left the adventure. After the announcement of the verdict, they reacted hotly, at the microphone of MyTF1. After discussing an experience “unbelievable”during which he “learned a lot”, “created links” and “matured”, Julien looked back on his difficult weekhe was sick – and his failure during the evaluations, which led him to be on the bench of the nominees. I tried to give, despite the fever, despite the headache, the angina… I tried, frankly. I gave, detailed the young man of 20 years. And to conclude: This is the game, I lost. But [je n’ai] no regrets, only love!”

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Stan: “We have won everything, since we are here”

Stan also confided in MyTF1after the announcement of the results, around midnight. “Me, I wouldn’t say we lostwe have won everything, since we are here”detailed the young man of 24 years, after having evoked a “exceptional bonus”. “We made it to the quarter-finals.we lived all we had to livehe said. We have evolved, each at our own level, matured artistically and personally.” And then summarize his point of view as follows: “Now it’s just a matter of putting it all into action, outside.”

Prestigious guests

On November 8, like every week, coaches Marlène Schaff and Lucie Bernardoni announced to the students the names of the artists who would be present Saturday night. In details, Amel Bent, Kendji GiracZazie and Patrick Fiori – all four jurors of The Voice – were on set. Tayc, who had won Dance with the stars in 2021, as well as Dadju, had also made the trip for the occasion. Matt Pokora and the rock band Feu! Chatterton were also there. Finally, the parents of Grégory Lemarchal, and his sister Leslie, were also invited for the evening. They mentioned in particular the fight led by the Grégory Lemarchal Associationwhich funds research programs to support patients with cystic fibrosis and inform the general public.

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