Jill Biden prepares for Christmas at the White House with her grandson Beau

Festive day this Monday in Washington. President Joe Biden and his wife Jill have each taken part in the traditions that animate the month of November in the United States. First, the US president pardoned two turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving celebrations. Chip and Chocolate (in French, P├ępite et Chocolat) were received in the gardens of the presidential residence. The two birds were named in honor of the Head of State’s favorite flavor of ice cream.

Stuffed turkey is the traditional dish served in the United States on the occasion of Thanksgiving, which celebrates the first harvest, obtained with the help of Native Americans, English pilgrims freshly arrived on the American continent. Each year, the president offers his grace to two of them.

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A huge Christmas tree at the White House

For her part, Jill Biden was busy preparing for Christmas. The First Lady, who was with her two-year-old grandson Beau Jr., received the huge tree that will adorn the entrance to the White House. The tree arrived in a horse-drawn carriage, driven by two men, also in traditional dress. The little boy, son of Hunter Biden, did not fail to go and pet the horses before accompanying his grandmother to greet the crowd.

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This is Jill Biden’s first Christmas as First Lady, she is responsible for the decorations and this year’s theme. But it has not yet been revealed.

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