Jean Reno, jaded by fame? “You lose the taste for many things, because you are over-spoiled”

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Jean Reno, jaded by fame? “You lose the taste for many things because you are over-spoiled” (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Iconic actor, Jean Reno is on the poster of “Rivières pourpres” this Monday, November 14, 2022 on TF1. The actor has been playing roles for many years, but he said a few years ago that he had experienced a slump, during which he grew tired of his fame.

Aged 74, Jean Reno, Juan Moreno y Herrera-Jiménez of his real name, can boast of having a great career behind him. If he is particularly known for having played Godefroy de Montmirail in “Visitors“, it is thanks to Luc Besson’s “Big Blue” that he really burst onto the screen to become an international star. More than 40 years after the start of his career, the actor is still very active, since he chained filming in 2020 and 2021 at the cinema, and in 2022 for television series.

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The movie that changed his life

Despite his stature in the middle of the 7th art, Jean Reno remains a discreet man, who rarely speaks in the media, and talks very little about his private life. On the occasion of the release of the series “All these things we didn’t say to each other”, he talked about his children with modesty, recounting in particular: “I had like all fathers times when they did not speak to me, but today no”. He then compared himself to the character he played, a man who lost contact with his daughter years ago: “Thank God, I believe, but you should ask my children, that I am not in the position of that character.”

On the other hand, Jean Reno admitted a few years ago to having considered moving away from celebrity. And this, very early in his career. Invited by Frédéric Lopez on the show “La parenthèse inexpectée”, he confided in his slump after the success of the film “The big Blue“: “Glory came all of a sudden”, he confided in 2014. A glory that took him by surprise, especially since it was followed by a long period without filming : “Curiously, there was no more script after”, and this, for 18 months.

A slump and fears

Fame can be a double-edged sword, revealing both the worst and the best in people. At Jean Reno, it had a depressing effect: “I have also lost my taste for life a little. You lose the taste for many things, because you are over-spoiled. When you are not known, when you talk, nobody listens to you. And when you become famous, as soon as you do that, everyone is watching.”

And according to the actor, it is exactly for this reason that many stars take the big head: “You leave badly and you take yourself for someone important, but you have to digest this thing because you are not no longer the same in the gaze of the other.” What put him back on the ground was his entourage, the people he could always count on: “You tell yourself that this thing is not the right road, thank God, once again , and thanks to my friends, and my children.”

However, the actor admits, his family life suffered from his newfound fame : “The family lives very very badly this thing, because everyone does not look at you the same anymore. You can no longer do what you did before, like taking the RER.” But by dint of will, he managed to overcome this feeling of emptiness to return to the path of the film sets, and afford the career that we know him today.

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