Jean-Pierre Foucault breaks the silence following the altercation between Alexia Laroche-Joubert and Sylvie Tellier

Last Friday, November 19, a month before the election of Miss France 2023, journalists had witnessed a particularly tense exchange between Alexia Laroche Joubert and Sylvie Tellier. On leaving her post as General Manager of the Miss France Society, Sylvie Tellier did not appreciate a remark from Alexia Laroche-Joubert who claimed that the former Miss France did not “work on the production of the show but on the Miss France contest”.

Stung to the quick, Sylvie Tellier had split an immediate response: “Excuse me? I can’t let you say that. I was the general manager and I worked on the show for 17 years. There you upset me… I have a lot of respect for you but he you also have to have some on the work that has been done for 17 years”she retorted.

In an interview granted to Télé 2 Semaines, Jean-Pierre Foucault, who was present in the room, then returned to this altercation. “It’s a small clash mounted as a hairpin while the ‘separation’ was done in good intelligence. I perceive it as a non-event. Sylvie had told me for a long time that she wanted to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. Proof of this is that Sylvie Tellier will co-present this election with me and pass the baton to Cindy Fabre”he reacted.



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