It’s getting hotter and hotter between Maes and Booba, “See you when you catch me”

It's seriously heating up between Maes and Booba

The situation is more and more tense between Maes and Booba, the exchanges multiplied last night it turns to the settlement of accounts! “His best views are with me”, “You are a child kidnapper”, the tackles between the two rappers fused on Instagram by interposed messages. The two former friends who have now become enemies no longer let go and go blow for blow after a short period of silence from B2O.

Maes VS Booba, it attacks from all sides!

Since two weeks, Maes constantly provokes Booba but the latter did not react to the last messages but has just come out of silence. It all started with the publication in a DUC story of the number of views of the “Madrina” and “Blanche” clips with 133 million views for one and 85 million for the second as well as the message, “Say thank you, Madrina is something. Poor thing, his best views are with me”.

Indeed on his Youtube channel, the two clips mentioned are the most viewed by Maes. “Vio*eur, embezzlement of a minor, swindler, irresponsible perverse parents, answers on everything. @Pattygirl03 that’s something” replied the Sevranais by mentioning the mother of Luna and Omar, former companion of B2O. “Streaming is better! And Blanche is my sound. Be worthy wsh stop mytho little Gilles, soon he will tell me greenbacks he wrote it. We lost it. Balance “ he added.

B2O demonstrates having contributed to the success of its rival!

Maes then sent the publication in private message to Booba’s ex-wife with the comment, “Patty you twerk well but education is not that much my beautiful” before posting it in a story with the caption “love is in the price”. “Great gangster, clashing with an 8-year-old child shows who you are. At the same time, you’re a logical child kidnapper. MaesQuarteron. » replied Kopp followed by the reaction of his rival.

“Clasher Luna? Are you dumb or what? Hole D*c, the brain no longer works miskine too much zipper. It’s your education that is being criticized, you bunch of imps. Calm down, you’re in love and you gave birth to a prosti****. Otherwise Aquababe was 20 and you Inas #Pointeur #Rkelie” then “Did you just swing yourself where I’m dreaming again?” Your filter, it’s good, you’re a fucking genius! » reacted the artist Sevranais.

The Sevranais treats the Duke of scales

“You’re bad at clash Georgey, it’s not even funny, see you when you catch me big guy… Ouhoh” chained Booba in reference to the real name of Maes, Walid Georgey. The latter then posted an old tweet from MP Julien Odoul dated 2020, “They like to hate the police behind an activist banner. Yet they will all dial 17 without thinking in an emergency. Even @booba doesn’t hesitate to call the police when his mom is kidnapped. No police, no security! #ISupportThePolice » with the comment “You rap the street but you’re a snitch, you call the popo. PS: Voting RN is like listening to Booba.. it’s bad”. “And you, you feat with scales eh button” concluded the DUC ironically.


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