is this social comedy inspired by a true story?

Two idle unemployed people who decide to transform their old disused factory into an amusement park “artisanal”this is the crazy and exciting story of Casually, to see this Monday November 2022 at 9:15 p.m. on C8. Return on this scenario which breathes at the same time the true and the fictitious.

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To make the difficulties of our society smile, here is a delicate exercise which, however, is coming back into fashion in France. Because for a few years now, French cinema has (re) honored social comedy: we remember the successes of Class struggle, rebels, The Invisibles… And if Casuallythe first film by Mathias Mlekuz with Arnaud Ducrethad suffered from the Covid-19 crisis at the time of its theatrical release, this is an opportunity to catch up: this tasty adventure of unemployed people at the end of their rights deciding to convert their disused factory into an amusement park is broadcast this Monday, November 14, 2022 on C8, at 9:15 p.m. A funny and inventive scenario for which the director was well inspired.

The fabulous story of Bud Hurlbut

yves robert, Ettore Scola, Peter Cattaneo or even Ernst Lubitsch… The filmmaker’s influences are multiple. But it’s not just in global film culture that the actor seen in Nicolas Le Floch went digging. The story of Casually recalls another, that of Wendell “Bud” Hurlbut, a sort of precursor to waltz disney. In the 1950s, this American had the brilliant idea of ​​offering restaurant customers rides in a trolley in the old local gold mine, before sitting down to eat. But beyond this success story as only the United States can produce them, Mathias Mlekuz knows the mining world well.

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Origins of Casually : “My grandfather was an underground miner.

In reality, the director did not wait to meet Bud Hurlbut to write his film. It was the visit to an old coal mine transformed into a theater that created the trigger. Something to bring back memories: “My grandfather was an underground miner. An immigrant from Yugoslavia, he went down a shaft at 13. My childhood was steeped in the stories and struggles of miners. All of these elements are found in my film”, he remembers. A call for solidarity fueled by a lot of talent and humour, since the film won the coveted Audience Award at the Alpe d’Huez Festivalin 2020.

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