Iran denounces foreign ‘silence’ after deadly violence

Iran on Saturday denounced the “silencefrom the international community after recent deadly attacks in several towns across the country described as actsterroristsby power.

The statement comes amid protests across the country, sparked by the September 16 death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurd who died three days after her arrest by the vice squad in Tehran. Tehran, which sees most of these demonstrations as “riots“, accuses in particular foreign forces of being behind this protest movement to seek to destabilize the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian nation and the international community have witnessed in recent days criminal acts by a group of ruthless terrorists against innocent citizens and security forces in Izeh, Isfahan and Mashhad.“Said the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press release, published by the official agency Irna. “The deliberate silence of foreigners, initiators of chaos and violence in Iran, in the face of terrorist operations (…) has the consequence of encouraging terrorists and strengthening terrorism in the world“, he added.

Condemn acts deemed “terrorist”

On Wednesday, ten people, including a woman and two children, as well as a police officer, were killed in two separate attacks in Izeh (southwest) and Isfahan (center), according to media and a hospital source. Iran’s official media attributed the attack in Izeh in particular to “terrorists“. In Mashhad (north-east), two paramilitaries were stabbed to death on Thursday as they tried to intervene against “rioters“, according to the agency Irna. The judicial authority agency announced on Saturday the arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the attack.

It is the duty of the international community (…) to condemn the recent terrorist acts in Iran“, said the Iranian ministry again.


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