Inflation. The government is considering a basket of twenty products at low prices

Internally, at Bercy, we call it the Olivia’s basket. From the name of Olivia Grégoire, the minister delegate in charge of consumption, who intends to set up a anti-inflation basket for consumers. According to The Parisian the idea is as follows: to counter rising food prices, Olivia Grégoire intends to ask supermarkets to offer twenty products at the lowest possible price.

They would be chosen by each distributor from twenty product families. This ranges from baby hygiene to adult hygiene, dairy products, fresh products, pasta…, lists the entourage of the minister to AFP. Olivia Grégoire would like the measure to be implemented as early as March.

Several obstacles in the way of the project

Problem, several obstacles are on the road of the project. First, convince the large distribution.

Michel-Edouard Leclerc, quoted by The Parisianconsiders that it will not be able both to implement this measure and to cope with the effects of the law which could soon be voted on in the Assembly, aimed at securing the supply of French people with consumer products… and which according to him will have inflationary effects, by preventing large retailers from negotiating as they wish with their suppliers.

A side effect which is however disputed by the government. Second obstacle, more political: two relatives of Bruno Le Maire, minister responsible for Olivia Grégoire, also expressed their doubts to the daily newspaper of the capital. This basket is not yet born…

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