In the village of Qetaifan, supporters disappointed by housing … / Mondial 2022 /

We expected itbut it is now factual: many tourists are welcomed in deplorable conditions during this World Cup.

Work still in progress, thick plastic tents without equipment, which become real “greenhouses from 9 a.m.” A BBC report testifies to the disappointment of the fans housed in the “premium fan camp” on the island of Qetaifan, north of Doha. The 1800 tents, planned for two people, are charged 200 euros per night. And the comfort there is equivalent to “mediocre hostel” , according to a fan interviewed. A very bad surprise, for this Mexican couple, who expected, in view of the advertisements on the internet, to “a festival atmosphere” .

Instead, they are entitled to this funny zone, where even drinking water would be missing. A French fan, named Djamal, who paid nearly 3000 euros to stay three weeks in Qatar, also shares his disappointment, he who obviously expected a grandiose welcome: “For me, it’s not a good experience. There is no shower gel, no toothbrush, no toothpaste. » He also announces that he took a return flight less than 24 hours after his arrival. The fan zone, located not far away, is also still under construction.

Between those who bet on 48 hours to complete the remaining work and the others who spoke of several weeks, we now know who was telling the truth.


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