“I’m 48, and I’m the oldest person I work with on TV”

At the head of the France 4 program, “La maison des maternales”, Agathe Lecaron is driven by numerous commitments, in particular those around parenthood which she discusses in the magazine “Les Maternelles”, a quarterly sold on newsstands. since March 2022. For Yahoo, the host returned to her own experience of motherhood, but also to her beginnings in the ruthless world of television, between success and disappointment.

Agathe Lecaron multiple projects. In addition to hosting every day from Monday to Friday the show “The Kindergarten House” on France 4, she co-hosts every Saturday with Ali Rebeihi the channel’s meeting devoted to well-being, “Bel & Bien”, and is preparing to take control of a new program as a bonus on France 3, “Crossroads”. Alongside all this, Agathe Lecaron tackles the theme of parenthood in the magazine “Les Maternelles”, launched her own clothing brand called Ronron, and gives the floor to anonymous people in her podcast “Ex”. In short, an accomplished woman who, however, had a difficult start in the world of television. Especially during his very first live…

Video. Agathe Lecaron: “Jean-Pierre Foucault was not happy with me after my first live broadcast”

Before perfectly mastering the codes of television animation, Agathe Lecaron had to face a sizeable challenge: co-hosting with Jean Pierre Foucault the cult program “Sacred Evening” broadcast on TF1 from 1987 to 2009. At the time, the host was already the giant of the small screen that the French knew. Agathe Lecaron, she made her debut timidly. The stakes are high: “It was a live with crazy pressure, and one of my idols. Jean-Pierre Foucault, I was going to see him in the public when I was 14-15 years old” she recalls today. The stress is at its peak. So much so that his body expresses it violently, three days before the big event. One morning, Agathe Lecaron wakes up covered in patches of red pimples all over her body. Fortunately, her face is spared but… “as I had to wear a little sexy dress, I had tons of foundation put on.”

And the hiccups are linked for Agathe Lecaron. On D-Day, a poor organization of the production of “Sacred Evening” causes her to be late on the set of the show, in full live. Something to make the atmosphere a little more tender, especially with his co-host: “Jean-Pierre Foucault was not happy. He was not happy with my first performance, he told me so. For me, it was a childhood dream. So, being told that we are not good by the grail of the grail, it was a bit complicated. We had a hard time sharing the teleprompter. In short, it was a bad experience for him I think, for me too.”

“I have the impression that we can get a little old on television”

Fortunately, this bad start as a host did not taint the rest of Agathe Lecaron’s career. After going through TF1, then M6, it landed on France 5 in 2011, where she takes the reins of the magazine “We are not just guinea pigs!” until 2013. And leaving the huge TF1 for a public service channel has brought about a lot of changes. Because, until then, Agathe Lecaron was well aware of the very narrow role in which television tried to lock up women. She herself grew up with, for idols, Jean-Pierre Foucault and Michel Drucker. “I didn’t really have a female role model, apart from Pepita who brought the gifts at the end, or the girls who turned the letters in The Wheel of Fortune” she recalls.

On TF1, she quickly understands that the appearance of a host is essential, and that each physical detail is meticulously cared for. So, when she arrives on the public service, she is somewhat disconcerted: here, she is not asked to be beautiful on the screen, but above all to ensure her speech. “I was surprised because I was not enlightened, there was no make-up artist” she says, remembering the day when her request to have a hairdresser behind the scenes of the show caused some. amazed some: “Actually, they still cared about what I was saying, the content.” Today, Agathe Lecaron is delighted to witness the changes in the way women are considered in the world of television. “I feel like you can get a little old on TV. I’m 48. When I was 30, I thought I’d only do TV until I was 40, 45, Afterwards, they won’t want me anymore. They’ve never commented on my age. Never. But it’s true that, there, I’m the oldest of the people I work with.”

Video. Agathe Lecaron: “Becoming a mom is an emotional storm”

“We’re not perfect parents. And you know what? It’s OK.” This sentence, oh so important, sits in large letters on the cover of the latest issue of the magazine “Maternelles”, near the radiant smile of Agathe Lecaron. A message that the host has always been keen to share, through her show on France 4, but also her own life story. Married to François Pellissier since 2014, Agathe Lecaron has been the proud mother of Gaspard, born in 2014, and Félix, born two years later. Became a mother at 40, she had already explained to Yahoo the reasons that had motivated this pregnancy “late”, especially those surrounding his television career. Like many other women very invested in their profession, Agathe Lecaron has always been aware of the uncertain nature of her professional place, in a society where pregnancy is often considered to be a brake on any ascent. And this, even if mores tend to change today.

“Becoming a mother is an emotional storm. It was such a blast, perhaps because I became a mother late in life. It’s still a subject to have children late like that” estimates today the facilitator. For her, it is more than important not to surround these late pregnancies with taboos, which very often involve a multitude of questions and projections about the future and the time that you will be able to spend with your children, “because we are more tired”. “I am most certainly a different mom than if I had had them at 30,” assures Agathe Lecaron. If she welcomes societal advances, the host rejects the idea that assumes that a working mom is a superhero, and that a father who invests in the lives of his children is a “new father” way 2022: “I think that if we interview 10 couples, it is always the mother who knows the date of the next appointment with the pediatrician for the vaccine. We still keep this mental load.”

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