“If we broke up, it’s not for nothing…”

The past love affair between Billy Crawford and Lorie Pester has returned to the forefront due to the singer’s participation in “Dancing with the Stars”. Her ex was even invited to participate in the show, a proposal she declined. For “Télé Star”, the big winner reacted to this decision.

This Friday, November 11, 2022, Billy Crawford won season 12 of Dance with the stars. In duet with the incredible Fauve Hautot who is in his fourth victory, the interpreter of Trackin’ thrilled the audience from start to finish. He was interviewed after his success by TV Star who collected all his post-show impressions. He also agreed to react to information that his ex, Lorie Pester, revealed a few days ago…

When 40-year-old Billy Crawford was named the winner of Dance with the stars, the Filipino-American artist first had a downtime, the seconds it took him to realize he was the winner. In tears, he received all the love from his wife Coleen to whom he owes everything. “She managed everything for three months so that I could live this adventure. She put up with it all, took care of our son [Amari, 2 ans, ndlr] so i owe him a lot“, explained the singer to Star TV.

My body is broken

With hard work, Billy Crawford appeared in front of the French cameras in top form, he who lost his extra pounds from another era with a strict diet. After ten weeks of competition, he is about to return home and will be able to take care of his body: “I’m going to do physiotherapy sessions because I’m exhausted, my body is…

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VIDEO – Billy Crawford’s Minute

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