“If I had had the pill, he wouldn’t be here!”

PARIS, FRANCE - 04/11/2021: TV host Laurent Ruquier poses during a portrait session in Paris, France on 04/11/2021.  (Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images)

Laurent Ruquier, unwanted by his mother: “If I had had the pill, he wouldn’t be here!”. (Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images)

This Tuesday, November 15, 2022, Laurent Ruquier returns to prime time on France 2 with the program “Yesterday, today, tomorrow”. An animator much appreciated by the general public, he nevertheless lives with a wound: that of never having been desired by his mother.

Laurent Ruquier was born in 1963, and the least we can say is that his childhood was not easy. The animator grew up in a family without real loveand, as he confided to Marie Claire in 2016, the death of his mother, Raymonde, did not really affect him: “Tomorrow it will be forgotten. I am sad, I fight the moment and I ‘try to move on quickly. I’ve had recent disappearances, a brother, my mother. I was going to say: ‘A mother’… See: how I wasn’t that close to her… is a telling slip.”

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His mother didn’t want him

A year later, Laurent Ruquier confided in his autobiography that if he was so distant with his mother, it was because he had a very good reason: his mother never wanted him, and she did not. hesitated to let him know. She even spent her childhood repeating the same thing to her: “How many times, during family reunions, did my mother point her finger at me, adding each time: “If I had the pill, he wouldn’t be there, that one!” Housewife Raymonde Ruquier became pregnant at the age of 39, years after giving birth to her first four children, who left home when he was still very young.

Inevitably, such a sentence, it marks, even if the host and humorist tried not to let himself be reached. “This sentence from my mother fed a need for recognition. To exist, to prove that I was not there by chance. Unlike radio or TV, a piece can continue to live even when you are no longer there. ” He wanted to leave a mark, and above all, to prove that he deserved to be loved.

Children for Laurent Ruquier?

Today aged 59, Laurent Ruquier is not a father. In a relationship with Hugo Manos for several years, the question of start a family with her new lover, younger than him, inevitably arose. In “Les Grosses Têtes”, the host had said it himself: “I will never get married.” On the other hand, the couple could consider having a child. At least, Hugo Manos admits to thinking about it: “I don’t think it’s a visceral wish for him (Laurent Ruquier). Me, it’s something I could consider. I tell myself that, as time passes and approaches the quarantine, maybe I’ll have this desire to offer great values ​​to a little one.” Even if the fact of not having been a desired child could represent a real blockage for Laurent Ruquier, at the idea of ​​having children himself…

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