“I took a briefcase on my head”

Priscilla Betti knew the light in 2001 with the release of her first single “When I’m young”. Very quickly, his life was turned upside down by fame but also by various problems caused by his success. Harassed, humiliated and victim of jealousy, the singer revealed her traumas in the program “TPMP People”.

Performer of titles Look at me, Mission Kim Possible, Where is the real life and the essential Tchouk Tchouk Musik, Priscilla Betti became a star in the 2000s when she was still a child. In 2001, the young girl could even realize her dream: to receive a gold disc for her single When I’m young of his idol Britney Spears. Aged 12 at the time, the young woman had subsequently become a star of the small screen in the series KD2A and had also performed a leading role in the musical flash dance at the Théâtre du Gymnase Marie-Bell in Paris from September 23, 2014 to March 7, 2015. A seemingly idyllic course but which in reality hid many shadows.

Guest on the set of TPMP People on November 26, 2022, Priscilla Betti revealed that her career had not always been rosy and that she herself had caused a lot of damage in her youth. “There was a time when it wasn’t easy, she confided in front of the host Matthieu Delormeau. Similarly, the young girl said that her schooling had not been easy for her to manage. Harassed and often mocked by other students, she shared her painful memories: “The school I followed a normal curriculum. I even took a school bag over my head (…) The little ones were necessarily jealous.

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