“I am treated like a criminal”

Lena Guillou became known by participating in Marseilles in Dubai. She then continued with The Princes of Love 9 and The Villa of Broken Hearts 7, which she left to find Adil Rami, with whom she was in a relationship. They broke up a while ago, but reportedly got back together recently. They are both currently in Dubai. But before arriving, Lena had a real hassle. She was arrested at the airport in possession of sex toys.

I just arrived in Dubai, but it happened at the airport. I leave the airport with my two suitcases, I go back through the scan. I’m going to go out like really final door and there is a guy who says to me ‘no no no, you iron your suitcases’ (…). There they put a suitcase aside (…) they take a little time, and there is a girl who comes and says to me ‘do do you have toys in the suitcase?’ There, very embarrassed, I said yes. Suddenly, she says to me ‘fine, we’re going to have to search the suitcase’“, she says on TikTok.

There clearly, for them, I am a big tchoin

Already, I’m super embarrassed because in fact she tells her colleagues that I have toys in my suitcase, so already, that’s super embarrassing. We’re talking about Dubai, I’m not telling you I’m in Mexico (…) There clearly,…

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