Horrified, Lithuanian players shocked by Victor Wembanyama!

Victor Wembanyama made honor to his reputation for his first official match with the France team. Moreover, after the meeting, his opponents followed one another in front of the journalists, and they only had his name in their mouths. They were shocked by his level, at 18 years old.

Victor Wembanyama is an exceptional player, we can’t say it enough, and he proved it again for his first official match with the France team. This Friday against Lithuania, the young pivot of the Metropolitans 92 made the showwhile helping the Blues to win an important victory for the qualification for the next World Cup.

At only 18 years old, the future n°1 of the Draft already seems ready to bring his selection to the international scene, and despite the experience of players like Nicolas Batum, Evan Fournier or Rudy Gobert, he could well establish himself as the leader of the team during the next major events. Because his presence is not only reassuring for his teammates, who know that they can rely on an extraordinary talent, it is also terrifying for all opponents.

The Lithuanians conquered by Victor Wembanyama

After the victory of the Blues at Panevezys, the Lithuanians followed one another in front of the media with only one name in their mouths: Victor Wembanyama. The message was the same for everyone: the young pivot is already a monster, and the simple fact that he is on the field completely changes the approach of his opponents. Knowing that the following statements come from experienced and talented professionals is terrifying:

Kestutis Kemzura (coach): You can already get an idea of ​​his size by watching videos of him on the internet. But when he steps onto the pitch, that’s when you see his true size. He has a huge impact defensively. Even if we managed to penetrate the painting, we did not even see the basket when it was there. Several players hesitated to go to the circle. In defense, we sometimes had to send 4 players to stop him.

Mark Blazevic: As the coach said, you can feel open in the paint, but we think about his size so much that we constantly think he’s in the corner. And after the hesitation enters into the conclusion. I was so impressed, and the confidence he exudes is exceptional. He arrives in selection at 18, and he is not afraid to play 1 against 1, to launch alley oops against the board. He is mentally strong. His body is evolving, but his basketball IQ is already there. His game is already different from last season when I faced him in the EuroLeague. Now he can dribble and play isolation.

Monbus Obradoiro : It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve met a player who is taller than me on the pitch…

The Lithuanians were particularly impressed with Victor Wembanyama’s performance. His mere presence on the field made them doubt when attacking the basket, that is to say the crazy power he exudes at only 18 years old…

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