his older brother wanted to assassinate him!

This Monday, November 14, 2022, viewers of TF1 will be able to find Didier Bourdon, Pascal Légitimus and Bernard Campan in “Tous Inconnus”. The opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in countless memories! In the 90s, their sketches became memorable. But after having chained the successes, the merry band has decided to take a break! Each has distinguished himself on his side in the 7ᵉ art. Eventually, the band decided to reform to everyone’s surprise.

“I remember the fun we had. Emotion too. They interviewed the three of us, separately, for two days”confessed Bernard Campan to our colleagues from Figaro Live. May countless artists reclaim the scenettes of the Unknown for their new project had the merit of upsetting him. “When they showed us the excerpts, I wanted to see the rest, we were hooked”added the actor who is still surprised by the loyalty of the public. “It’s amazing and it’s always touching, because even when we are told about it, it’s to tell us how good it was”.

It is through comedy that the main interested party rediscovered himself at all levels. Few know it, but Bernard Campan has come a long way… For France Info in 2015, Nina Louise’s dad agreed to lift the veil on his rather special childhood. Indeed, his older brother named François was not always kind to him: Worse, the latter wanted to kill him!

“My brother used to snub me a lot…”

“No kidding. That’s what he said.” he revealed in the show “Everything and its opposite”. “He made a lot of allusions. He showed his displeasure very harshly with me in my early childhood. His countless threats ended up destroying him: “My brother used to snub me a lot. He told me ‘It sucks what you’re saying…’ My lack of confidence comes a lot from that too. What a bastard brother, f***”.

It was when their father died that the two men finally made peace. “There has always been something between us. I remember as an adult I realized that as a child, finally, I didn’t have a brother. I had a kind of person called François who rubbed shoulders with me…”, explained Bernard Campan. “ We talked about it a bit. We were really able to meet when I was 32, when my father died. It was there for the first time that we hugged. We had never even kissed in our lives before…”.


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