Head-to-head comparison: Samsung Galaxy A53 5G vs Galaxy A33 5G

If it has lost power compared to last year, the Galaxy A53 is improving in the field of photography. Samsung has been able to correct the situation by offering two finally convincing “usable” sensors.

Day and night, and on all sensors (more defined elsewhere), the Galaxy A53 does better than the A33. It is even more obvious on the ultra wide-angle, where the two certainly do not play on equal terms.

Note, however, that the Galaxy A33 5G is doing well on its main module during the day. We certainly recognize the treatment dear to Samsung, very saturated and contrasting, but there is quite a way to take pretty shots on a daily basis. Good news given that it is this sensor that will be used the most.

At the front, the Samsung A53 retains its advantage with a very good 32 Mpx sensor, which we even compared to that of the Vivo V23, stamped “king of selfies”. The Galaxy A33 5G is content with a 13 Mpx sensor (f / 2.2) which remains quite good in the exercise.

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